Monday, September 28, 2015

Unchained And Unbound

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If there is a singular reason as to why I love to fly on an airplane, it is because it feels like you are being freed from the shackles that prevent you from truly discovering more about life.  Soaring into the heavens gives you a sensation of breaking away from all the rut and sometimes subtle chaos of reality that seem to smother you in their diabolical dance.  Being onboard and gazing out above the cloud line is awe inspiring either at dawn or at dusk. To watch the beautiful play of light and the color display that nature and the universe put on is truly breath taking. I find flying to be more than just a means to travel from one point to another. It is an opportunity to reflect and in an almost childlike way be inspired by the magic of how something that is made of metal and plastic, can carry you forward into a somewhat new realm of existence.

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Further to it, there is something utterly wonderful about being seated in a plane facing the open runway and then with flick of a switch you can feel the engines roaring to life.  With the rising force that pushes you back into your seat as you shoot down the space in front of you before you head upwards is quite a rush. Observing a plane taking off, reminds me of the metaphor of where a person in a similar fashion confronts a challenge head on and just like the engines, they too push themselves forward and preserve until they have won over it.  In fact, each time I fly I reflect back on various times when many naysayers and skeptics, whom I have encountered in my life, would attempt to block my path towards success.  But having learnt from the aforementioned metaphor, here I am today on the verge of ascending towards the illustrious pantheon where the great women and men of our time reside, while pushing myself forward with everything I have so that I to can reach that abode a lot sooner than later. And I must admit the journey ahead does have me excited.

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But coming to the power of flight itself, its creators too had to deal with many antagonistic groups and people over the centuries, who held the banner high, which read that “Man cannot fly and should never attempt to do so for that would be against the wishes of God.  For if it was the wishes of the latter, he would have given the former a natural pair of wings.”  However, just as the metaphor describes, the great minds of the past century defied that reasoning and showed that “God did indeed intend for man to fly, which is why he gave him the brains to create his own wings.  For by doing just that could people not only appreciate it but also develop it further so they could be carried beyond any horizon in the world or distance in space.”  Such has been the importance of flight and so it applies to our lives as well, which is to do the impossible and to have the childlike spirit to enjoy every moment of it. Next Take please!


  1. Wow, superbly expressed. I can relate to this. I too love flying on an airplane

    1. Thanks Archana. :-). Great to hear that you feel the same way about flying!!!