Friday, June 5, 2015

Poison Tastes Sweet

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For the past year, I have been experimenting on myself! No, nothing dangerous or overtly radical mind you. Instead, I have proactively aimed to avoid any consumption of sugar in all its forms.  This even included using sugar in teas and breakfast cereal. Taking it a step further, I even avoided packaged foods as well, which included tetra pack fruit juices, milk based drinks, baked beans, biscuits, noodles etc.  I wanted to see if my wife’s hidden suspicions were in fact true.  It was her view that although I consumed very little of the above mentioned items, the sugar or preservatives in them were in fact the reason why I had quite literally ballooned up in size. 

For most of my adult life, my waistline and weight had never crossed 32 and 75 respectively.  However, I began to notice, shortly after crossing the age of 30 that although I had made even greater efforts to sleep better and exercise more, I was in fact gaining weight rather than losing it.  My medical tests showed that I was normal and that I was not suffering from any particular disorder or sickness that would explain my almost sudden weight gain. 

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Well, I stuck to my commitment and waited to see if the desired results would reveal the truth. A year later it did.  I was quite puzzled to find that my weight began to drop significantly and the more I pushed myself to sleep, eat and exercise better, while following my new diet, the less of a circle I became.  But understanding the true impact of cutting out sugar and sugar preservatives in all forms was quickly revealed to me after a few studies and real life cases my wife and I read.  We found that while most normal human bodies will burn a moderate amount of sugar quite effectively for the years of childhood and adolescents, it slows down and fails to work as effectively once a person crosses the age of 30.  In fact, after that point, if you aren’t too careful, your body just stores all that sugar as plain old fat.  But more importantly, it gets stashed away along your face line, stomach, love handle region, thighs and yes your butt too. 

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After having made this discovery, I was deeply elated that I had in chosen the right path. But interestingly enough, I also found after the year experiment when I tried to consume some tea with sugar in it, I just couldn’t.  It felt awful and dare I say violently distasteful.  This revealed to me just how my system was rejecting the substance that I had happily consumed for most of my living years. Pretty amazing, when I think about it!  But more than that I noticed that my energy levels increased and I stopped suffering from acidity attacks altogether.  Of course, the greatest joy was being able to fit into a size 32 very comfortably once again!   However, I would like to state on record that nowadays, I may consume a tiny piece of sweet or chocolate now and then (very rarely I might add) but nothing else.

Courtesy: Prapti Doshi Moorthy
Hence, I would encourage other adults struggling with their weight to consider what I did.  Many people I found worldwide, have followed this and have seen some interesting things happen to their physiques.  Without, hopefully, not sounding too preachy, I would suggest that if you can’t cut sugar out completely, at least make a conscious effort to reduce the amount you consume by being more selective of the foods and drinks you normally like to have.  For though it may sound crazy to some, the taste of sweetness really is a poison in disguise at times.  So for the love of who you are, do make that effort to take care of yourself and be healthy always! Next Take please!