Thursday, May 15, 2014

News Of The World!

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The radio crackled as he drove down South Street Highway towards the bay area.  Having wanted to get away from home for a while, he decided to visit and sit by the Hampton shoreline during the evening and reflect on his thoughts.  Life was looking bright for him and he smiled thinking of the television anchor job he would be interviewing for tomorrow morning.  He also reflected on what the Human Resource manager had told him.  The network was looking at someone who could also suggest and implement a fresh approach to their news telling given the cut throat completion they were up against.  Just then, the Top 40 music countdown ended and a special announcement was introduced.  He was reaching for the volume knob to turn it down, when the announcer’s voice caught his attention. He paused and decided to let it play on.

Announcer: Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  It is with great anticipation that we here wish to get your views on a topic that has been doing the rounds across many homes and offices lately.  Our listeners are curious to know if the “News of the World” or the content that all of you see across newspapers and television channels is far too inclined towards only showcasing negative happenings and occurrences.  Further, many of the people that we have spoken with, share the same sentiment that the news we see, read or hear is only concentrated on everything that’s wrong with the world, with each channel and publication house competing to see who can outdo the other with more sensationalism and disturbing imagery. 

Sadly, many of our listeners feel that there is virtually no attention given to the positive things happening in our country or across the globe.  In fact, hardly any mention is made of political parties, communities and people who have transformed something negative into something positive.  These sometimes small and subtle changes are what many of our listeners feel would give people, who are facing similar circumstances, hope and inspiration to peacefully work for a positive transformation. 

What we then ask is your view!  Do you feel that the media should change its approach and give equal weightage to positive news? Or is this merely a baseless argument, which has no merit whatsoever? Do let us know your thoughts, for only your voice can truly decide what makes the “News of the World!”

My Photograph
Looking out over the bay, he thought carefully for a few minutes and smiled even more brightly than before. “Yes that’s it. That’s the new angle the channel needs. Maybe it’s time they changed their focus and adopted something that could really touch the hearts of people and give everyone the answers to overcome the challenges they are currently facing. While it’s important to keep everyone informed of the occurrences around them, it is equally important to have them see how wonderful life can be and know how others have made it so” he thought.   

Tomorrow was a new day and he looked forward to the promise that it held. Next Take please!

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