Wednesday, March 20, 2013

True Love!

You called to me in the endless night
Searching every realm; you kept burning your light
The stars pointed you towards this blue planet of mine
And you pursued me here, hoping for a sign

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But the Gods named a price, for you to enter this sphere
Though you hesitated, you knew that I was here
So you gave away your memory and you heavenly glow
And you awakened in the world of humans, though you didn't know

As the years passed, you felt the yearning deep within your soul
Wondering what it was that held such complete and passionate control
The Laws of Earth had forbidden you to understand your true form
So instead, as a regular person, you carried on and meant no harm

But one day the memories returned and the ground began to quake
For you saw me standing before you and your soul was finally awake
You reached for me and I felt that warm touch healing my heart
Taking me back to our Original Kingdom we left at the start

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Now as I journey with you and we spread our wings in flight
The universe applauds us as we sail away tonight
This lesson was needed to remind us of our true life far above
That may only be reached when we are bonded and lifted by “True Love”

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  1. Good one Ro-Mo! Specialone mention missed...good still.......