Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Playing God!

“Though life is eternal, each lifetime that a person lives for is finite.  The duration of time at our disposal is limited and hence needs to be used wisely.”  - Rohan.
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When I wrote my earlier article – The Inheritance of Loss? – I attempted to try and understand “Death” and look at it objectively.  Given everyone’s fear of it, including my own, I wanted to be clear within my own heart and mind, what exactly it means and possibly, the type of benefits it offers us.  Having done so, a while later, another question popped into my head and that was “What if you could cheat Death and not have to die?  What if you could live forever?”  The very next moment, I thought of a subject I hadn’t dwelled on in years – Cloning.  For those of you, who are familiar with it, will know that it has been pursued with great fervour by the scientific community for more than 60 odd years.  The attempts by many “mad men of science” have been to strive towards unravelling the key in constructing the perfect DNA sequence, which will help them create a biological body that cannot decay from neither sickness, old age or injury.  No matter how you treat it, ever organ would be in pristine condition and remain untouched by the “Hand of Death” that eventually pulls all living beings into an eternal sleep, at some point in their Earth life.  This genetically engineered body, would in fact be a being that could potentially live longer to say 500 or 1000 years or even perhaps forever.

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However, in spite of the exhilarating benefits that this could potentially bring to each person, there is a dichotomy within the scientific community that are for and against Cloning.  Some state that the magnitude of its benefits far outweighs the cons.  For example, hospital surgeons could regenerate damaged or sick organs and limbs without the need to find a body part donor that is an ideal match.  Patient, themselves, would be able to seek their own cure by allowing doctor to harvest a small sample of organ tissues from them and have the desired organ regenerated in a specially designed incubation laboratory room.  But taking this a step further is where the debate and controversy begin.  This pertains to a person cloning a completely new, young and healthy body for themselves, with their brain being transplanted into it, leaving their old or sick body to be discarded.  The fear here by many humanists, scientists, legal personnel and religious groups is what if a person of stature or political importance was kidnapped and had a clone created of them, which is breed to oversee a negative agenda such as starting a war with a neighbouring country to capture their natural resources.  With the original person being killed or still being held captive, the clone could step into their place and begin to create chaos.

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In relation to this, while experiments are still on, many people around the world, since the late 60’s, have had their heads placed in cryogenic chambers, after their natural deaths, to be used for creating a cloned body, in the hopes of bringing themselves back to life in the future.  Though this might one day come true, another question gets raised from a spiritual stand point, about whether it would in fact be the same person. Though the body may be revived, there is no way of knowing if the Universe itself would grant the same soul permission to retake possession of the same body.  It may instead let another soul take over; which may be very different from the original body tenant, for the previous soul may be elsewhere in another spiritual or karmic plane.   
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Though the prospect of being young and never having to fear death may seem tantalizing, the reason for death to exist has its reasons.  As I wrote earlier, it wipes the slate clean, gives a person a fresh start and makes every person truly appreciate just how precious life really is.  Death releases us from this world so that we may travel to other realms, worlds and places in the universe to continue learning, in order to proceed on the course of our spiritual ascension to the original place of enlightenment and true eternal life.  The place often called “Heaven”, “Nirvana or “Ever after”, where God resides. 

So, if you had the option, would you trust in the Laws of the Universe and let nature take its course or choose to live forever and “Play God for yourself”? Next Take please!


  1. I want to live forever! :-D

    In all seriousness though, if cloning is perfected, it will actually lead to a lot of problems. As you mentioned, political figures can be cloned. Also, may people would want to live longer (if not forever), leading to a huge increase in population, which in turn will lead to among other things, natural resources being depleted faster.

    I think the best thing for everyone to do is, make the most of the time you are given. :-)

  2. Valid points there Fubs! :-)

    Though, while cloning may have its merits in terms of healing damaged limbs or curing sickness more effectively, like many things with good intentions, it needs to be handled carefully.

    But here someone might say "Well fine, but who would that be?"

    My guess is that the medical fraternity, globally, would need to step up and create and implement a cloning charter that directs such activities towards positive uses.