Monday, March 5, 2012

Movie Magic!

“That’s so unbelievable!” “He got shot 19 times and he’s still able to pursue the bad guys for 48 hours straight?” “She was actually able to leap across a wide chasm of 50 feet?”  “That wasn’t how it was in the book!” “They seemed to have concentrated more on the special effects than on the storyline!”...............

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..............Whatever we may chose to say, none of us outside of the film fraternity could ever really understand the pain, complexity and the laborious process that goes into making a movie.  Be it an animated feature, drama, sci-fi saga or fantasy adaptation, there is a lot of effort made to get all the various elements from actors to costumes to special effect inputs to camera lighting to music etc. to come together and finally be presented to us, the audience, as a neat package.  The final result can either make a positive impression on us or leave us wishing we could have the time we lost watching it back.  It is true that there are great films and less than mediocre ones.  Ones where the acting, script and overall execution leave us spellbound and yearning for more and ones that we can’t help but criticize and rip apart.  But one key criticism that I notice, which crops up more than any other is this one – “That isn’t real enough.  That would never happen in reality.”  Well guess what, it isn’t supposed to. 

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The beauty about films is that they can be absolutely anything and can even bend the rules that govern the reality that we live in from day to day.  Though it might seem good to keep things as “real” as possible, just imagine how boring that would be.  For example, if film making followed the conventional and general narrow minded thinking of many, we wouldn’t have had such classics as Star Wars, Avatar, Harry Potter, Terminator, Lord Of The Rings and Transformers.  The whole reason why we call films entertainment is so that they offer us the chance to leave behind the reality that we are so used to and transport us into a world where we get live out a new kind of experience.  For the wonder of cinema is so profound, so moving and so beautiful that it releases the fetters from our lives and gives us a chance delve into a new realm of existence, where fun, excitement, sorrow and fear take on a new meaning.   Plus, by using different and unique imagery styles to convey a situation or character, often, makes one identify with the story even more.  It provokes new thoughts and gives us a new kind of hope watching various people on celluloid triumph over the situations they are in.  For example some movies like Big Fish, Forrest Gump, The Matrix and The Fountain distort reality quite a bit but give us such a refreshing perspective on life and death. 

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As a mirror to our reality, films have evolved from theatre, street plays and books and breathed a new sense of life into the way stories, whether real of fictitious, are communicated to audiences.  It is a part of human culture that unlike many other areas is not governed or restricted in the same way.  Rather it gives us an opportunity to discover more about ourselves and other civilizations.  It is also a medium to learn from the past and imagine how the future might be.  I guess then that’s why we can call it as “Movie Magic!”  So enjoy it for it is and leave the world and its reality far behind.  Next Take please! 


  1. Very true. If movies are too "real", then it will almost always be boring.

    Movies should be a fantasy, then only it is exciting and fun to watch! :-)

    If someone wants absolute reality, then they should either look around themselves at this thing called "life" or watch a documentary film, not movies! :-D

  2. Hi Rohan, it's great to see your enthusiasm. I have some minor suggestions:

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    Keep blogging!

  3. Indeed Movie Magic - one of the reasons we have movies is to escape the mundane reality :)