Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ancient Wonders And The Modern Blunder!

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Human History is shrouded in mystery.  There doesn’t seem to be any logical explanation that clearly articulates just how people, who lived and thrived in ancient times, were able to accomplish such amazing feats of culture, architecture and societal supremacy.

For instance how is it that the communities living in ancient South America – the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs, who were and probably still are regarded as “wild savages” “barbarians” or “inferior natives running in grass skirts”, by the so-called “Progressive Modern Day Scientific, Archaeological and Historical Communities”, capable of constructing such diverse cities, highways, modes of transport and complex societal institutions that cannot be replicated even till today. 

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No scientific group, can still clearly articulate, just how the ancient wonders or other ancient building sites that have been discovered and documented were constructed.  The list of our ancestors’ accomplishments is endless and we also have no way of knowing just how many sophisticated civilizations are yet to be discovered.  In an earlier article that I wrote, I stressed the need for everyone to understand human history with greater interest and curiosity (*see “Next Take!” article: The Sands Of Time…).  In a similar vein, if one were to look at the remains of the ancient cultures that once thrived across the world; you’d find that the scale, craftsmanship and sheer genius involved baffle even our so called brilliant modern day engineers and architects. 

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The crux of my debate is not on writing about each ancient civilization but rather to point out the sheer indifference, blinded arrogance and undeservingly dismissive way in which Scientists, Archaeologists and Historians view, speak and write about our ancestors.  One classic example is the Pyramids of Giza. The same old worn out tale is that the Egyptians used thousands of slaves, ropes, barges and heavenly prayers to build the oldest of the Seven Ancient Wonders.  Sorry, but if a new breed of researchers are to be taken more seriously, you’d find that things didn’t happen quite like that. 

These new theories of theirs are in fact backed up with a significant level physical and documentary proof.  To summarize they state the following:
  • Human civilization has arisen and fallen four times before.  The last time our species came close to near extinction was 10,500 years ago.  That correlates to more or less around the time when the last Ice Age came to an end.
  • Human society 11,000 years ago was far more advanced than it is today both in terms of technology, law and economic advancement. (* Pretty strange and unbelievable right?)
  • Due to a global tragedy most of the ancient worlds was lost. This tragedy is attributed to various circumstances such as a giant asteroid colliding with the Earth, a global flood and an inter-galactic war between human beings and an alien race etc.
  • The remaining human populations had to rebuild society once more. Hence, over the course of the following centuries, with virtually nothing left and the ultimate death of the surviving generations, the newer ones could scarce believe or even know what once existed.
  • Plus, as mentioned, the fall of each era of humanity is defined as a human cycle or world. 2012 is considered by many to mark the end of the Fourth Human World and beginning of the Fifth (*see “Next Take!” article – Doomsday!)
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The very convenient theory that the universe began with a big bang, followed by the formation of our galaxy, sun and planets, followed by random acts of lightening and gas mixtures, followed by some freak occurrence in the ancient seas of the Earth that gave rise to microscopic life, followed by the evolution towards more complex organisms such as dinosaurs and then to the cave people and then to us is a nice little story that the traditional scientific community wants to keep going. And to fit that theory they have to make it seem that our ancestors were a brainless primitive group and we are at the pinnacle of human evolution.  But the facts that have emerged and are emerging and which are often deliberately re-hidden or erased, contradict this.

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We could go on believing the traditional scientific story but that’s all that it is – A Story!  The Truth has a strange way of disturbing the false status quo and revealing itself in time. For that brave new class of researchers, scientists, historians and yes psychics, we need to hear what they have to say and cross check what we already have to see how well all the pieces fit together. And if we did so we’d see that what it all comes down to is that our ancestors were a lot more capable and smarter than what we have so far given them credit for.  But perhaps since the key facts about so many ancient cultures have been kept hidden for so long, publicizing them further would be met with either ridicule or hostility or both.  Further, till all is revealed and accepted, the Truth, in the meantime, is watching us and wondering what cosmic forces allowed the fall of the Ancient Wonders and gave rise to the Modern Blunder.  Next Take please!


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  2. That's an interesting take on History. There's still the mystery of the desert Sphinx which show water erosion marks.

    But then people have been using unexplained gaps in History to fill in with their fantasies on how History was.

    Most structures that you mentioned with a simple mix of megalomania, absolute power and vast quantities of labour(willing and unwilling). For eg. Take a look at what Mayawati's been up to :)