Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Eye Of The Beholder!

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“Beauty!” The word itself conjures a myriad of positive images and thoughts within the human mind.  It holds within itself the magical elements of life that elicit feelings of inspiration, freedom and eternal love.  It may be aptly described as the physical manifestation of the dominant feminine force that exists throughout the universe.  It shows itself in every single moment of life through many mediums such as people, nature, music, art, situations etc.  It is a continuous process of discovery that calls for the observer to examine it thoroughly with all their soul.  It is a resplendent power that summons forth, from a deeper level of human consciousness, feelings that spur people onward to identify their own unique inner and outer value, which are often hidden from themselves.

As an analogy, beauty is initially disguised from the eye of the beholder like a rough diamond.  We may know the value of a rough diamond but to truly appreciate its innate nature and appeal we need to clean, cut and polish it to perfection in order to behold all its glory. Similarly, we as people need to cast aside our own blindness, prejudice, bigotry and myopic vision in order to truly behold the true and "Real Beauty" that lies hidden within each person and within life itself.  By consistently changing our attitude and outlook can we see the hidden elements that it consists of.  These hidden elements are: 

[B]oldness - Beauty stands against the tides of corrosion and conformity and gives us an opportunity to aspire for greater and higher realms. 

[E]xotic – Beauty is unique and vivid and shows us the brilliance of each individual feature or aspect or moment. 

[A]ffectionate – Beauty is soft and caring like a mother who looks after her new born with extreme tenderness and love. 

[U]ltimate – Beauty is the pinnacle of all creation and of life itself and strikes us with wonder and awe. 

[T]imeless – Beauty evolves and changes but continues to remain immortal and beckons us onwards towards eternity. 

[Y]outhful – Beauty is vibrant and filled with positive energy that can transform everything it touches. 

But the most interesting part about “Beauty” is that it is unique to every person.  Each one of us perceives beauty in our own way and interprets, analyzes and acknowledges it within our own hearts and minds.  It is a feeling of elation, the burning spiritual torch that magically expiates the darkness of our mundane existence and transports us to a realm that combines happiness, confidence and positivity thinking.  It makes us realize how blessed our lives really are and forever will be. Next Take please!

My Photograph


  1. No offence roh ... love the pic, it reminds me of a scene from Exorcist

  2. Hey Rohan,

    Great post!

    hope u rem me...we worked togetha at hanmer! :)