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The Sands Of Time.....

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History, as I have often been told and read, is written by “the victor and not the vanquished.” In other words what we are finally shown, read and remember is a very lop sided view of what someone wants us to see.  I ask myself, what if the 20th century World Wars or Ancient War campaigns of the past had swung the opposite way.  Wouldn’t we be told a very different kind of history? Not to mention wouldn’t yesteryear’s heroes and historical figures in fact, be seen as villains and tyrants had the vanquished won instead?  Think about it. The vanquished, in many places throughout humanity’s existence need not have been the evil / bad / wrongdoers that they are often portrayed as.  In fact, many may have been the righteous one’s who lost out in the end for whatever reasons.

One word change, one description distorted or a fact twisted or worse omitted can have a significant influence on what future generations will know and remember of the world’s past.  In relation, history I also find has too many prejudice fools playing God and deciding for themselves what should be known and what should not be.  They are the scribes who toss away pages of the unbiased truth from the writing desk

And without trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist or advocate of the book – The Da Vinci Code, I would add that it is more than likely that history has over the centuries been influenced by societies or groups that wish to keep certain happenings and documentary proof out of the public’s eye either for the greater good of humanity or for some ulterior motive. 

A classic example of how history is distorted is the case of Atlantis.  I won't go into the details here, but there are clear indications that show that there is much more than we realized.  The trouble is that disclosing these details and actually revealing the truth of humanity’s journey through these eons of existence, would make many intellectuals, archaeologists and yes historians come across as looking like selfish and blinded bigots. And that’s something they are more than willing to fight against from happening.   

In relation to this, I read an interesting discourse on a website that was discussing the constant denial of the possibility of complex life or the remains of an ancient civilization that was discovered on Mars in the Cydonia region by the Viking orbiter in 1976, by World authorities.  The person said very aptly that even if the truth was known to a few in power; to reveal or confirm that life as we see it on Earth, existed in a distant past on another planet would shatter and destroy the very foundation of our understanding of humanity and who we are.  Religious institutions would be the first to fall followed by everyday functioning in modern society. Our historical records would have to be re-examined, which would result in two things. Either people would accept these revelations or fear it and breakdown.  Perhaps that's why historians felt the need to play down or erase certain details because not everyone can handle the truth - sound familiar?

Like J. R. R. Tolkien wrote in his epic trilogy – The Lord of The Rings – Fact became legend and legend became myth till just a few fragments remained that none could decipher and none could scarce believe. 

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I’d like to draw an analogy on this, where I’d compare history to the sea and the sea shore.  The events of the past are characters that have been written in the sands along the sea shore.  The wind that blows over the shore is like the dismissive hand of the historian and the sea like the corrosive amnesia of the human mind that slowly makes all forget what was.  If we do not preserve those writings penned down there, we would have done a great injustice towards the future and removed all warnings and learning that could have facilitated the preservation, intellectual escalation and evolution of mankind. 

Winston Churchill summed it up eloquently when he said “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  It, therefore, would be important for everyone to take off their rose tinted glasses and for the first time see that we as a people have reached where we have because of a lot more than what we have originally been told.  If we understand the true nature of our evolution and past, while making note of the mistakes made and see what we were capable of, we can avert a major fall that has happened several times before and instead steer humanity towards a more peaceful and greater level of existence.  And by acting now we would also in turn preserve our names and actions to, forever in the sands of time.  Next Take please!  

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  1. Yes, a lot of things that have come to pass have not been fully revealed. More often that not, it is done to hide those facts that we are ashamed of, or are scared to reveal. It is also part of a big politically driven game many a time. A good example being the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Do you think the true facts about this will be there for future generations to read? I don't think so. Forget future generations, we ourselves don't fully know what happened!

    I like the part where you compare History to the sea. An interesting way of looking at the whole thing! :-)