Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Department Of Peace!

(Dedication and Original idea credit to Howard Cole, Melbourne, Australia)

The idea of having a “Department of Peace”, as a part of all world governments, was first put forward to me by my landlord and friend Howard Cole, while I was studying at Deakin University in Melbourne Australia.  We had been discussing a topic to do with the Middle Eastern issue, when he said that “I find it funny that the people and governments constantly focus and rely on a Department of Defence that fight wars; but they don’t have a department that works solely and sincerely towards establishing a peaceful environment and relations with other countries.  You could say a department that has the resources and manpower that is aimed at eradicating the level of conflict we see around the world.”  Howard was spot on when he said this.  The Truth is that until that point, I had never thought about a government having such a department.  Sure most governments might have a department or branch that deals with foreign relations and peace settlement issues but his idea went further than that.  Having a head of state manage and employ the kind of resources that would ensure that wars did not occur and was given more administrative authority than the Department of Defence , who would only be consulted in a highly critical situation.  Howard went on to state that all world governments should support the United Nations with these key peace departments, who would oversee financial assistance, NGO work, religious understanding and friendship, manpower training, disaster relief work, local area empowerment and political advisory services. 

This might seem like a bit of a stretch for most people and many might cite that such measures exists or that efforts are being made like “What do you think the UN is there for?” or that wars are unavoidable.  In the past centuries, we had wars that were fought for conquest and power and now we will have world wars that will be fought for religious one-upmanship and natural resources.  But it is exactly for the latter part that the Department of Peace becomes crucial. These departments can connect with each other and reign in the chaos, work transparently for greater understanding and get the world to focus on three things constantly – peace, happiness and security. 

Many would believe that because our forefathers and foremothers were a part of ancient conflicts and warfare, so to must we endure the same.  My answer to that is “No!”  We will not, we should not, we cannot.  This poor Earth has endured enough of our blinded bigotry and shameless violence.  It is time we stopped it.  The future I hope will be one of tranquillity and hope.  Not one riddled with even more manmade disasters.  As a popular song from one of my favourite music groups – Megadeth – goes “Peace sells but whose buying?” we the people need to wake up from our complacent slumber and stop just accepting anything that comes our way that deteriorates the outcome of the future for us and our children.  We have so many avenues to battle the evils that exist.  The idea is starting by believing in ourselves and advocating with our authorities for such a department. 

By spreading this message and lobbying hard for it can we finally make “Peace sell!”

Thanks Howard. Next Take please!

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